Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Tuesday 11th October - pleasure session River Kenn

Just a quick summary of the pleasure session I had today on the River Kenn Clevedon North Somerset.

Fished peg 38 above Strode Rd opposite TV Masts.
River as clear as tap water and bright sunshine all day.
Fished 10:30 - 15:30
Fed half a kilo of worm, half pint of caster and hemp in black ground bait.
Fished small piece of worm on the hook.
Pole at 13 meters and held back hard on a 1 gram float.

Not a bad days fishing given the conditions, pics below.


  1. Hi Ivan, I know you have fished the feeder canal on a regular basis. are there any big perch down there from what you know?

  2. Hi Edward, I have not fished the Feeder since June and did not have any myself during March to June. I have seen 2lb perch plus caught close in at Baltic Wharf so the must be in the Feeder as well. Some years ago I had some good perch by the old General Hospital.

  3. Thanks Ivan, I caught a perch at claverton last week, just under 2lb. I really want to catch a specimen this Autumn so was going to head to the feeder to try. Will I get snapped up by any pike down there? Do you know of any other good areas for big perch?

    1. Think you will be ok concerning pike. It's not really my bag now but the horseshoe lake or the main lake at Plantation Fishery Kingston Seymour has some very big perch. Pegs 11 to 14 on the main lake. I saw a guy fishing with prawns for them with some success.