Saturday, 22 October 2016

Friday 21st October - Pleasure session River Kenn

Short session today...summary as follows.
Fished upstream of Strode Rd bridge 13.45 to 17.20
Very warm and bright, water still very clear, flow going the wrong way for most of the day.
Only had old bronze and red maggot to use up.
Fished 13 meters with usual 1 gram float set up on long line.
With the exception of 2 perch all the other fish were roach up to 6 ozs.
Last hour was most productive when the sun went down.
Ended up with approx 6lbs 7lbs which was good given the conditions and my bait over less than 4 hours.

lady who took the pic while walking her dog cut my head off

Quite a few anglers on the river today.

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