Monday, 26 June 2017

Round up of 2 pleasure sessions and Super League Practice Sunday 25th June Bristol Avon Swineford to Jack Whites.

Since my last post I have pleasure fished the Gloucester Canal at Splatt (Frampton on Severn) on the 14th June and the River Kenn in Clevedon on Tuesday 20th June and fished Cadbury Anglings Thursday Evening match at Acorn on 22nd.

Steve Long put me on to the right peg on the Gloucester Canal and despite being a very hot day and a strong tow towards Sharpness I had a great morning fishing the pole at 13 metres where it was top 5 deep.

I did not fish on the ''glorious 16th" nor the weekend due to family commitments. Then it was the start of the heat wave but I did venture out early on Tuesday 20th but by 09:30 I had enough as it was too hot. I did have a bream around 6lb on the tip and a 2lb hybrid and a perch on the waggler but the fish were not that interested in feeding.

At the Thursday Evening Match I ended up 3rd with just over 70lb, 90lbs won it with 77lb second.

So on to the first river match of this season on the Bristol Avon between Swineford and Jack Whites and a practice for the 2nd round of the SW Super League on 2nd July.
The draw for the match was at McDonalds Weston Lock in Bath due to the Rugby Club in Saltford not being available, not sure why but fair play to Mark Harper for sorting it out as well as running the match.
I got there in plenty of time but my mind was on other things rather than fishing. I then had a phone call from Team Captain Chris Hook saying he was running late as his van suddenly stopped on the M5 but he managed to get it going again so I said I would pay his pools and get someone to draw for him if he did not make it. He then told me Dave Hoskin our recent signing from Gloucester and not sure where the draw venue was was lost. I did try to call him and talk him in but no answer. I believe he got frustrated and went home!
Chris made it in time for the draw and we both drew Swineford, Chris on 13 and me on 18. Now those familiar with Swineford would think peg 18 would be around the second field. Wrong I just kept going and going and ended up on Bitton Brook. A few years ago Bitton Brook would have been peg 33 ish so 50% of the pegs have been lost / not cut out. I walked most of the length with Mark Treasure who had loads of gear and we were both bollocksed by the time we got to our pegs (he was on 19) having to break down to get over the fences and foot bridge.
Given that the draw was at 08:30 to my peg 10:10 for an 11:00 start.
As I was setting up Nigel Wyatt came past walking upstream, he had been sent the wrong way to his peg and was heading home or going to fish the Feeder Canal as by the time he had got to his peg the match would have started!
My peg did have a nice bit of flow but I noticed that the far bank tree cover was significantly reduced.  I sent up a window feeder, a topper and a waggler. I did consider the pole but ran out of time, something I now regret.

To cut to the chase I ended up with 8lb 11oz of chublets, roach, dace, bleak and perch. I caught on all my rigs but had no bonus fish. I had loads of bites but believe I would have had 15lb plus had I set up the pole. 
Like I said my head was not in the right place and I was thinking about the horrendous walk back.
Mark below me weighed 10lb plus and below him was an 11lb. Above me was a 9lb and a 29lb.
I believe Richard Chave won the match with bream for 30lb.

I cannot fish the match next Sunday as plans were made in advance of the date coming out.

In closing big congratulations to team mate Sam Johnson who has qualified for the Wychavon at Evesham after coming 2nd in Saturdays match from peg 33 with 11lb plus, the winner weighed 13lb plus with two late barbel.

One of the things that was troubling me has hopefully now been solved so onwards and upwards.

Hope to fish an evening on the Kenn this week as well as the last Cadbury Angling Evening Match on Thursday.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Sunday 11th June - SW Super League Round 1, Gloucester Canal Sims to Pilot

Here we go again, doesn't time fly, this will be my third year fishing the SW Super League. Of course its the same faces (in the main) that fished the Spring League on the Gloucester Canal but 7 teams of  of 8 instead of 15 teams of 4.
In the week leading up to the match there was a fair bit of banter on Facebook as a result of Nigel Evans giving away one of his secrets ... opening a bag of sweets to get a bite..... a good bit of fun.

The trouble with teams of 8 is that most teams struggle to get 8 anglers to fish and we are no exception but we did have a full team. Perhaps teams of 6 would be better?

Team today.....
Chris Hook (capt)
Dave Hoskin
Phil Bendall
Mark Jones
Mark Traves
Ian Hingley
Dave Foxall
and me

We were looking for a good result today and had all the pegs noted which had produced over the last few matches on the stretch we were fishing today.
When Chris came back with the draw none of our pegs were on the list, in fact we were some way off any of the form pegs so knew we were up against it from the start.

I had peg 168 which was the first peg below Rea Bridge and as a boat was moored more or less on the number I had to move down a bit, not that it was a problem as everyone had two pegs between them. The peg looked inviting enough but I was well aware that it had no form, but....then again everyone fishes differently.

The wind was picking up while we were setting up so settled on an 11 metre line where it was just under top 4 deep and a 5 metre line at just under top 3 deep, both with 1.5 grm floats to 0.12 and a 18.
There was a gap under a far bank tree and this would be my feeder spot.

Pole lines were fed on the ''all in'' with 2 balls cupped in at 11 metres and 1 at 5 metres. I did not put any soil or leam in the mix due to it being fairly shallow compared to other parts of the canal.

As usual I started off on the tip like most people looking for an early wrap around but after 30 minutes it did not happen so went on the pole at 11 metres with 2 dead reds. After a few minutes and just as Mike Witney who was walking the bank for Sensas Nomads came past the float buried and a perch of around 3 ozs was swung in. Thats the dreaded blank out of the way I said to myself. Mike carried on and just as he got to the next peg and after putting the rig back in the float disappeared and a small skimmer of around 8 ozs was netted.
After 15 minutes nothing else came my way on that line so re-fed a small ball and tried the 5 metre line. Happy days a perch and a small roach in two put in's and then nothing so fed a small ball and back on the tip.

The good thing about my peg today was I couldn't see how the other anglers were doing.

I had a small knock on the tip which resulted in a sucked maggot so good indication there was fish about but the wind was getting stronger now and you needed to tighten up on the tip to be sure on bite indications.
About an hour and a half in the tip flew round and I connected with what seemed a decent fish, I was hoping for a bream but it turned out to be a hybrid about 12 ozs and most welcome all the same.

I continued to swap around all lines throughout the match and with more frequency than I usually do thanks to seeing what Nigel did last week. I did pick up fish on most lines now and then but couldn't present the bait properly due to the wind. Had it been calmer I would have done a lot better, there were definitely fish on the pole lines.

I ended up with 3lb dead, the two pegs below me weighed 1lb 7oz and 2lb then there was a 4lb. Section was won with 16lbs I think, Dave Clapton. I ended up with 3 points from a possible 7 so not great.

Back at the results it was clear a lot of anglers had struggled, two sections were won with 3lb plus.

Phil was 2nd in his section with 3lb plus so picked up and had 6 points.
Mark Jones done the best in the team weight wise off peg 235 with 12lb 15ozs and a 3rd in section, 5 points.

Mark with his catch

The rest of the team struggled, it was down to the draw and not the capability of the anglers.

Top weights.
1.  Luke ? P I Thatchers 35lb 7oz
2.  Tony Davis Sensas 88 17lb 6oz
3.  Dave Clapton Sensas 88 16lbs

1. Sensas 88
2. Sensas Lobbys
3. P I Thatchers
4. DGL
6. Maver Cadbury
7. Sensas Nomads

Next round is on the 2nd July, Bristol Avon, Swineford, Crane and Jack Whites but I cannot fish that weekend.

Tomorrow (Wed) thinking of heading up the Glos Canal again to fish either Purton or Splatt.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Sunday 4th June - SW Super League Practice Match Gloucester Canal Sims /Rea to Pilot Inn.

The South West Super League starts on Sunday 11th June and the first match is on the Gloucester Canal with 7 or 8 Teams of 8 competing over 6 matches. There is only one match on the Gloucester Canal this year instead of the usual two. The other matches are on the Huntspill and the Bristol Avon.

Todays practice match saw a good turn out as some anglers have not fished the Spring League on the canal so were keen to pick up a few tips.
Senses Lobby's Andy Jane was running the match instead of Mark Treasure so fair play to Andy as its a thankless job.

With other Team members having commitments I was the only one fishing. I drew 269 and was aware it was at the Pilot Inn end and on arrival found myself on the upstream half of Tanker Bay.
Welsh International Nigel Evans was on my right on 271 by the turning bay. DGL's Troy Weaver was on my left on 267 but had to move up a bit due to a moored boat.

I was advised to fish against the pilons for the bream which was a fair old chuck and due to people walking along the far bank feeding bread to the ducks and swans. in addition set up a 13 metre and 5 metre line. it was about top 4 1/2 at 13 metres and top 3 1/2 at 5 metres so quite a nice depth.

I cupped in 2 balls at 13 metres and 1 at 5 metres beginning on the tip across, Nigel did the same. Over the last few weeks an hour on more has gone by before getting my first bite on the tip and today was no exception. I missed a rattle an hour in but think it was only a small fish as the dead red was just nipped.
Nigel on the other hand did not stick the tip for long and was soon into small skimmers perch and roach fishing the pole at 11 meters.

I came in on the 13 metre line after and hour and a quarter and had an eel first put in. No more bites after 15 minutes so re-fed and back out on the tip which sat motionless. Nigel pole line also dried up but he did have a small skimmer on the tip.
I tried the 5 metre line now and then but had another eel.

With and hour to go I just stuck it out on the tip and added two more eels. Nigel had a bonus bream with 20 minutes to go on the tip which almost doubled his weight.

I did not weigh as I knew I was way out of the top two payouts in the Section, I had about 2lb at the most. I have since learned that the peg did not produce much the previous week and I would approach it differently next time.

Nigel weighed 10lb 4oz for a Section win and 3rd overall which shows how hard it was. He fished a tidy match and read it right.

Nigel with his catch.

Gary Cross was 2nd in the Section with 8lb 4oz, 1 bream on the pole and one on the tip late in the match plus 3 eels after that the weights averaged 3lb.

Top weight today was 28lb off 238 with 16lb second off 210.

As for Teams who had not fished the canal for a while..... I am not sure anything was gained.

Nigel did give me some advice though and it seemed to work ........... ''open a bag of sweeties and you'll get a bite'' (in a South Wales accent).

Will try to get out somewhere in the week but the weather looks horrendous.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Sunday 28th May - Gloucester Canal Spring League Teams of 4, final round.

This was the final round of the popular Gloucester Canal Spring League run by Mark Treasure of Diawa Gordon League Match Group. Apart from the 4 matches there have been practice matches as well which have been well attended an run by Andy Jane of Sensas Lobby's Match Group.

We were back on the same stretch as last weeks practice match namely Rea Bridge to the Pilot Inn plus a couple of pegs were put in around Sims Bridge to give everyone 2 pegs distance apart in case the odd boat was moored up as the Tall Ships event was on in Gloucester Docks.

Another new signing Leigh Wakefield joined us today, recent signing Dave Hoskin, Chris Hook and myself made up the 4 man team. We were fishing for a good team result today along with individual performances as we knew we had no chance of coming in the top 4 payouts.
This was Leighs first visit to the Gloucester Canal so in the run up he was prepared as much as possible on tactics and approach plus provided with a ground bait mix and feeder hook lengths.

New signing Leigh Wakefield

Chris done the team draw and came back with the following:-
Chris peg 3 (Sims bridge)
Dave peg 198 (Rea end)
Ivan peg 228 (Pilot end)
Leigh peg 259 (Pilot end)

We were discussing the pegs and its probably a bit of an understatement to say Dave was ''well pleased with 198'' as the match was won off it the previous week. Think he ran out the door even though we had 2 hours to get to the pegs and set up!
We were not sure about Chris's peg as it had not been in in recent matches. Leigh's on 259 had not been in the previous week either and he was just going to be above ''Tanker Bay''. Looking at mine, I was in the right area but 1lb 6oz had been caught on it the previous week.

Leigh followed me down to the parking by the Pilot Inn and we walked up the Canal together. We got to 259 and it was clear from the grass that the peg had not been fished for some time. Most anglers would fish Tanker Bay. There was good far bank cover so you never know. I left him to set up and headed up toward 228. On arrival I found myself between two local anglers Rob McKenzie and Andy Richings. The towpath was narrow and a high hedge was behind me with overhanging branches so some gardening work was done to allow a feeder to be cast across. On the far bank I had a small tree and lilies, it did look fishy.

It did not take long to set up the one pole rig for fishing at 14 meters, I normally only fish 13 meters but at 14 meters I was just on the bottom of the slope of the near shelf and a nice top 5 deep. For the feeder rod I had to adjust it from the previous week as it was a longer chuck. Ground bait for both the feeder and pole was pre-mixed so some finishing touches and a riddle through I was ready to go with 20 minutes to spare.

Usual approach on the ''all in'' with a few balls cupped in on the pole line to be left for at least an hour.
Starting on the feeder it was really slow, I had a couple of small knocks after 25 minutes and did not hit them, I must try to hit these on this venue rather than wait for a slow wrap around!
Andy and Rob either side of me came in on the pole line early and both had caught a few net fish (skimmers), they did look a decent size but I stuck it out for the full hour on the tip without a fish although I did get what I thought was a couple of liners.
First drop in on the pole I had a small 4oz skimmer so that was the dreaded blank avoided, but nothing more after 15 minutes so cupped another ball in.
Back out on the tip I cast out every 5 minutes and on the fourth put in had a proper bite which gave me a decent skimmer so started to close the gap a little and feeling a bit more confident. I came back on the pole again after 20 minutes or so and had an eel around 5 ozs but nothing else so cupped in another ball. Looking up and down the bank there was little or no action so felt I was doing ok'ish.
I saw Andy get a couple of net fish on the tip, again they looked ok from a distance.
While on the tip a boat went over my line and just as it cleared i had a great drop back bite and a proper thud on the end when I picked the rod up. It was smaller than I thought but at 2lbs most welcome and I was back in contention.
By swapping between the two lines I added another skimmer on the tip and a decent eel on the pole before the ''all out''.

The scales started below me at 247 and when it came to me the best was 7lb 10oz. My 3 skimmers, the blade and 2 eels went 6lb 10oz.
Further on up above me there was another 7lb plus and a 10lb plus from Paul Bishop who caught two big bream in the last 20 minutes!

My 6lb 10oz just missing out on a 3rd in section pay out but 12 points from 15.

My ''section board'', pretty tight and tough in places

I caught up with Leigh back at the car park and he told me he only had one bite all day resulting in a 7oz fish and he was not last in ''section''. So it was a tough initiation for him.....but....he'll be back.

Back at the Rugby Club i met up with Chris and Dave. Chris caught 4lb plus for 6 points and Dave had done 16lb plus for second in section and 14 points.

Top 2 individuals on the day:

1st Tony Davis Mix and Match 25lb 10oz
2nd Dave Foxall Sensas Strike 24lb 14oz

Teams on the day:

1. Sensas Strike
2. Maver Harescombe
3. DGL Red
4. Maver Cadbury Angling
5. P I Thatchers
6. Devizes
7. Harescombe
8. DGL Black
10. Senses 88
11. Misfits
12. Mix & Match
13. Drennan Oxford
14. DGL Gold
15. Senses Lobbys

Final League Table:

1. DGL Red
2. Sensas Strike
3. P I Thatchers
4. Misfits
5. Sensas 88
6. Maver Cadbury Angling
7. Sensas Lobbys
8. DGL Black
9. DGL Gold
10. Maver Harescombe
11. Harescombe
12. Mix & Match
13. Devizes
14. GBMV
15. Drennan Oxford

So in our 3rd year of fishing this league we are progressing. The key as always is having a stable team and I think we are starting to build on that again after loosing a couple of anglers.

On a personal note I have been given some good advice by a certain person (you know who you are) which has helped me a lot on this moody and difficult venue.

SW Super League starts week after next and the first match is on the Gloucester Canal with a practice match this coming Sunday (might as well move to Gloucester).

Monday, 22 May 2017

Sunday 21st May - Practice Match Gloucester Canal, Rea Bridge to Pilot Inn

This match was advertised earlier in the week on Facebook so sent a text out to the Team to let them know as we would be on the same stretch for the final round of the Spring League 28th May.
Due to commitments it was only Team Captain Chris Hook, new signing Dave Hoskin and myself that could make it.
Draw was at McDonalds Bristol Rd 08;00.

As I approached the turn off for McDonalds I could see the road ahead and on the new Hempstead Swing Bridge was closed by police.
According to Gloucestershire Live 2 vehicles were involved and 3 people including an 8 year old girl was taken to hospital so hope they recover ok.

Photo from ''Gloucestershire Live''

There was another match on at Hempstead and the anglers could not get to it, they were hold up in McDonalds. Our stretch on the canal was south so unaffected by the closure.

So... on to the draw.... talk was pegs in the 220's would be the place to be today. Chris goes and draws 220! I draw 212 and Dave draws 194. Chris and I head for the Pilot Inn and walk upstream, Dave goes in at Rea Bridge.
Chris follows me but Sat Nav took me into a housing estate on the other side of the canal but we got there in the end. it was a long walk whatever end we decided to come in on and after a few breaks we got to Chris's peg on a big bend. Match organiser Andy Jane was next door on 222 and told us he fished it for a few hours very early the day before and had about 30lbs on the pole. I was told I was probably out of it by a number of anglers as I passed them, they were not too optimistic either.

Got to 212 and to be honest it looked nice across with a few lilly's, a gap then a tree. I had loads of time to set up so after stripping down to the T Shirt I set about the uncomplicated task of setting up the feeder and a pole rig at 13 meters. The distance I had clipped up from the last match was perfect so job done and only a minor adjustment needed to the top 5 rig for down the track.
Ground bait for both lines had been semi prepared the night before and I was ready with 45 minutes to go.

I took a walk down to Chris and saw that he had the same set up plus a top 5 with a bait dropper. Andy elaborated a little more on his session the previous morning but did not say which peg he had fished. With 15 minutes to the all in I headed back. As I passed Dave Clapton on 214 he was shouting at a cyclist who was going too fast down the narrow tow path in his own unique manner (lol, he gave more words of advice during the rest of the day!). He also said we would not catch much.

I cupped in 4 big heavy balls down the track at the start then went over on the tip, far shelf to the right of the lilly's. I had a rattle 3rd cast and hit it connecting with a perch of around 6oz so blank avoided. 
A large fish rolled down the middle on 214.
Dave below me had started on the tip as well and also had a n early perch but was soon on what looked like 5 meters out on the pole and caught a small roach. I gave it an hour and fifteen minutes on the tip without any indications so went on the pole. I think it was around about then when Dave landed a good bream on the tip and that as far as I could see was the best so far.
After a few minutes my float sailed away and small skimmer of around a pound graced the landing net. I had a couple of dips on the float but nothing positive so fed another big ball and went back out on the tip with 2 dead reds. 
I had an indication straight away and left it. The tip then went right around and it was a big skimmer of 2lbs. Casting out again my tip took ages to bend slightly as the feeder dropped through the water. I thought this is not right thinking it had hit some floating debris so I struck only to discover a bream of around 3lbs had taken it on the drop! Happy days.
I stayed on the tip for the next hour and missed a couple of bites, think some were liners and one or two I couldn't hit properly due to boats passing through.

Back on the pole I added another couple of skimmers a perch, eel and a ruffe before it dried up so re-fed.

The rest of the match was fished swapping between the two lines every 45 minutes and I did get a few more big skimmers on the tip before the all out. I had not seen much caught so thought i had done OK.

Andy was doing the weighing in and I was last to weigh in the Section. Alan Jones DGL who was on end peg 238 just around the bend was best with 19lbs 4oz, I knew I did not have that.
The scales registered 13lbs 5oz for me so a pick up was coming as the payout was top 2 overall and top 2 in each Section.

Todays catch

Chris struggled today having only one bite which gave him an eel. Dave also found it hard going at Rea with 1lb 4oz.

A and B Section Sheets as follows..... you can see the amount of DNW and Blanks.

Top 6 as follows:

1st Troy Weaver DGL 28lb 10oz - A Sect
2nd Mark Traves Sensas Strike 27lb 15oz - A Sect
3rd Alan Jones DGL 19lb 11oz - B Sect
4th Aaron Nash 17lb 12oz - A Sect
5th Ivan Currie Maver Cadbury Angling 13lb 5oz - B Sect
6th Andy Jane Sensas Lobbys 11lb 12oz - B Sect


Back on the Gloucester Canal next Sunday, probably fish the Bristol Feeder Canal Tuesday and evening match at Acorn Thursday.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Tuesday 16th May - 6th Session Bristol Feeder Canal

Old angling mate and former Royal Mail colleague Leigh Wakefield had been following my posts concerning the Bristol Feeder Canal and contacted me last week to arrange a meet up as he had a weeks holiday.
Today was the chosen date and I met Leigh who travelled from the Chippenham area around 07:00 on Feeder Rd. Parking in the area was at a premium today for some reason and Leigh had to park in a side road.
We decided to fish around the slipway in front of Auto Choice Motor Sales and gave ourselves a bit of room setting up approx 25 meters apart.
Ground bait mix was the same....sensas black lake and noire plus we had hemp, caster and maggot. Float rigs were also the same 1.5 gram.
There was a nice steady flow toward the city and a bit of colour due to the rain the day before. it was dry and warm but rain was forecast later in the morning.
We started fishing at 08:00 and I was into small dace and roach after 15 minutes while Leigh took a longer to get his first bite but he was up and running not long after me.
My fish were coming quicker letting in run through were as Leigh was hold the float back hard. We were both getting net roach and dace but then Leigh had a big skimmer about a 45 minutes into the session followed by another some 20 or 30 minutes later.
Although he had better fish I was getting more.
The canal was flowing steady most of the time but there was periods when it remained still and around the middle of the session we both had a quiet spell.
We were topping up with ground bait fairly regular and around 11:00 I had a decent skimmer, two more smaller ones followed along with better quality roach.
The rain that was forecast came just before 12:00 but was pleasantly warm.
At 13:40 I started to pack up while Leigh had 5 more minutes and it paid off as he managed a try bream just before 13:45.
I thought he would do me good and proper but when we weighed our catch I had 15lbs and Leigh had 15lbs 15oz so those roach I had made the difference.

Leigh with his last gasp bream

My level 15lbs

Leighs 15lb 15oz

So another enjoyable session.

Cadbury Angling evening match this Thursday then practice match on Gloucester Canal Sunday.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Wednesday 10th May - 5th Pleasure Session Bristol Feeder Canal

With plenty of bait left over from the Gloucester Canal match on the Sunday I was keen to get back on the Bristol Feeder Canal for my 5th session even though it means a very early drive into Bristol. I did wake up a little late which meant I did not arrive at Feeder Road until just after 07:00 and had to park in a side road instead of my usual spot.
It was a fresh morning, around 8 degrees but a very nice day was promised by the BBC Weather site.
I headed to my usual spot in front of Manor Scrap given that I have had a few nice bags here plus the bream have showed as well but no more than 3 in a session.

It did not take me long to set up as my 2 rigs were still OK from the last session, it was just a case of changing hook lengths and re-plumbing.
Ground bait was a mix of black lake and noire plus a little leam. 

At 08:05 I was ready to start and cupped in 4 big balls down the track containing caster, dead pinkie and a little chopped worm. The canal at this time was motionless and fairly clear.
Starting off on the maggot I did not get my first bite until 08:40 and it was a tidy roach around 5oz. The canal had just started to move a little toward Bristol City Centre but then stopped again after 10 minutes during which time I had a few small dace. 
At around 09:15 I fed 4 small balls and went out with double caster and the canal started to move again. I had a sail away bite and once I hit it the No.4 elastic came out quite a bite and the nodding action told me it was a bream, not big but at around 2lbs very welcome.
I caught quite a few roach afterwards, they were clean so must have finished spawning. 
Good friend Mike Endicott came down for a look after finishing his night shift and I did not catch an awful lot while Mike was there.
After Mike went home I decide to go for broke and put in 4 big balls heavily laced with caster. I had bites straight away and had another big skimmer on the double caster. Plenty of dace and roach followed due to topping up with ground bait on a regular basis. 
At 12:45 I had another tidy fish in the form of a hybrid around 11/2 lbs.
I called it a day at 13:15 and had a pic of my catch taken by the former Postmaster and his wife from Feeder Road PO who still live above the Office.

Word is getting around due to these posts about the Feeder Canal on this blog and the Bristol Feeder Canal Facebook page. I have had lots of enquiries from local anglers keen to give it a go.

Back for a 6th session on Tuesday 16th May with a mate from the Chippenham area..... wonder if he will have a pound on it lol..... update to follow.

I fished the Cadbury Angling evening match at Acorn Fishery the following day and had 99lb 13oz of carp on the paste. Mark Bromsgrove won it with 140 lbs and Kev Perry was 2nd with 128 lbs.

No fishing this weekend due to birthday celebrations.