Monday, 10 October 2016

Sunday 8th October - Angling Trust Winter League Round 2 Bristol Avon Newbridge.

Guesting for Cardiff Nomads again this week due to their Team being fairly stretched due to the Wye Winter League starting.
I had been looking forward to this match all week and was looking to draw either permanent peg 24 or 74 which have provided me with a decent days fishing this year in matches as well as a pick up.
Meeting the other guys at the Rugby Club it was pleasing to see they had a full Team. The draw was completed on time but when Richard came back i saw I was on permanent peg 32 on the straight, not good. parking up down by the river at Newbridge meant it was a relatively short walk to the peg. As i passed 24 who should be on it but Avon expert Tim Ford who was pleased to say the least. Had a quick chat with Tim before moving on, Tim was the first peg in my section so knew it would be hard to beat him. Immediately downstream of me I had Bathamptons Derek Coles again. Derek said to me you'll not get a bonus chub this week lol, i said I'll have a bonus bream instead.
The river was low and clear, no flow and I was up on a high bank. The far bank had a little flow and there was a willow bush on the water which looked inviting.

Lots on rowers on the water today with many having coaching, I did get my hair off once when one boat pissed about too much and continually crashed into the far bank cover.
Depth at 13 and 11 meters was the same and top 4 sets were sufficient. 1 gram floats to 18's on the 2 rigs I set up. Waggler for across as well as the Feeder. 
9 Balls went in at 13 meters on the ''all in'' and 2 big pots of chopped worm down the side. While that was settling 8 feeder fulls of chop and caster went in just short of the willow bush in the water.
starting on the 13 meter line it took about 6 trots down before air had my first bite, usually its a bite first run through. This resulted in a tiny roach followed by a equally tiny perch, not good. No indications at all then for around 20 minutes, totally dead. Put a piece of worm on and had a better perch followed by a few more around 4 ozs. 
Decided to try the inside line over the worm with worm and had a welcome perch around 8 ozs. That was it from that line all match despite topping it up little and often. Just over an hour had gone and I could see Derek below me had gone on the waggler catching small bleak across. He must be struggling as well I thought so followed suit. I had a could but they were very small and the bites hard to hit at distance so the waggler went up the bank. 
I put the feeder across and had a bite straight away on the worm but missed it. Due to the high bank I had to have the rod pointing more or less straight down the bank, not ideal. I caught a small perch on the second cast and at this point it was very welcome. I had a more positive knock around 2 hours 30 mins in and made no mistake in hitting it. I felt resistance straight away and it did feel like a chub. As it came half way across I could see it in the clear water and it was a tidy skimmer around 1lb 8oz. The landing net had to be used at full length in order to net it. Brilliant i thought, lets have a few more. Alas that was not to be despite plugging away at it. I did have a look on the pole lines now and again and just added the odd small fish on the 13 meter line.
Word on the bank was that most in my section had struggled but heard that before. I had the scales, Derek had the board so we started at Tim. 
Time said he only had a very small chub across and then in the last hour added a small roach a chuck on the pole. He did enough though to win the section with over 7lbs, which shows you how poor the river fished our end, really need some rain.

I was disappointed getting only 2 points and with the weights so tight after Tim felt I should have held out longer for a few more perch down the edge, but that's fishing.

Well what did I say to Derek ref bonus bream!

Back at the Rugby Club the team results were pretty good with 1 Section wins and a few 2nd in Sections. Andrew Trudging also won the match overall with a nice net of skimmers, hybrids and roach at 7 meters just below the bridge at Newbridge.

Individuals on the day....
1st   A Trudgian 26 lbs 12 ozs
2nd  S Townsend 19 lbs 10 oz
3rd   L Bradell 15 lbs 15 ozs

Teams on the day ....
1st   Bathampton
2nd  Thatchers
3rd   Nomads
4th   Jerrys
5th   Amalgamation

Team position after 2 matches (there are only 1 or 2 points between the teams so very tight)
1st   Thatchers
2nd  Bathampton
3rd  Nomads
4th  Jerrys
5th  Amalgamation

Fishing the Kenn again on Tuesday, here's what I had last Thursday.....

Commercial House League match 3 on the Avon next Sunday with Maver.

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