Sunday, 14 May 2017

Wednesday 10th May - 5th Pleasure Session Bristol Feeder Canal

With plenty of bait left over from the Gloucester Canal match on the Sunday I was keen to get back on the Bristol Feeder Canal for my 5th session even though it means a very early drive into Bristol. I did wake up a little late which meant I did not arrive at Feeder Road until just after 07:00 and had to park in a side road instead of my usual spot.
It was a fresh morning, around 8 degrees but a very nice day was promised by the BBC Weather site.
I headed to my usual spot in front of Manor Scrap given that I have had a few nice bags here plus the bream have showed as well but no more than 3 in a session.

It did not take me long to set up as my 2 rigs were still OK from the last session, it was just a case of changing hook lengths and re-plumbing.
Ground bait was a mix of black lake and noire plus a little leam. 

At 08:05 I was ready to start and cupped in 4 big balls down the track containing caster, dead pinkie and a little chopped worm. The canal at this time was motionless and fairly clear.
Starting off on the maggot I did not get my first bite until 08:40 and it was a tidy roach around 5oz. The canal had just started to move a little toward Bristol City Centre but then stopped again after 10 minutes during which time I had a few small dace. 
At around 09:15 I fed 4 small balls and went out with double caster and the canal started to move again. I had a sail away bite and once I hit it the No.4 elastic came out quite a bite and the nodding action told me it was a bream, not big but at around 2lbs very welcome.
I caught quite a few roach afterwards, they were clean so must have finished spawning. 
Good friend Mike Endicott came down for a look after finishing his night shift and I did not catch an awful lot while Mike was there.
After Mike went home I decide to go for broke and put in 4 big balls heavily laced with caster. I had bites straight away and had another big skimmer on the double caster. Plenty of dace and roach followed due to topping up with ground bait on a regular basis. 
At 12:45 I had another tidy fish in the form of a hybrid around 11/2 lbs.
I called it a day at 13:15 and had a pic of my catch taken by the former Postmaster and his wife from Feeder Road PO who still live above the Office.

Word is getting around due to these posts about the Feeder Canal on this blog and the Bristol Feeder Canal Facebook page. I have had lots of enquiries from local anglers keen to give it a go.

Back for a 6th session on Tuesday 16th May with a mate from the Chippenham area..... wonder if he will have a pound on it lol..... update to follow.

I fished the Cadbury Angling evening match at Acorn Fishery the following day and had 99lb 13oz of carp on the paste. Mark Bromsgrove won it with 140 lbs and Kev Perry was 2nd with 128 lbs.

No fishing this weekend due to birthday celebrations.

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