Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Tuesday 16th May - 6th Session Bristol Feeder Canal

Old angling mate and former Royal Mail colleague Leigh Wakefield had been following my posts concerning the Bristol Feeder Canal and contacted me last week to arrange a meet up as he had a weeks holiday.
Today was the chosen date and I met Leigh who travelled from the Chippenham area around 07:00 on Feeder Rd. Parking in the area was at a premium today for some reason and Leigh had to park in a side road.
We decided to fish around the slipway in front of Auto Choice Motor Sales and gave ourselves a bit of room setting up approx 25 meters apart.
Ground bait mix was the same....sensas black lake and noire plus we had hemp, caster and maggot. Float rigs were also the same 1.5 gram.
There was a nice steady flow toward the city and a bit of colour due to the rain the day before. it was dry and warm but rain was forecast later in the morning.
We started fishing at 08:00 and I was into small dace and roach after 15 minutes while Leigh took a longer to get his first bite but he was up and running not long after me.
My fish were coming quicker letting in run through were as Leigh was hold the float back hard. We were both getting net roach and dace but then Leigh had a big skimmer about a 45 minutes into the session followed by another some 20 or 30 minutes later.
Although he had better fish I was getting more.
The canal was flowing steady most of the time but there was periods when it remained still and around the middle of the session we both had a quiet spell.
We were topping up with ground bait fairly regular and around 11:00 I had a decent skimmer, two more smaller ones followed along with better quality roach.
The rain that was forecast came just before 12:00 but was pleasantly warm.
At 13:40 I started to pack up while Leigh had 5 more minutes and it paid off as he managed a try bream just before 13:45.
I thought he would do me good and proper but when we weighed our catch I had 15lbs and Leigh had 15lbs 15oz so those roach I had made the difference.

Leigh with his last gasp bream

My level 15lbs

Leighs 15lb 15oz

So another enjoyable session.

Cadbury Angling evening match this Thursday then practice match on Gloucester Canal Sunday.

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