Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Tuesday 3rd May - 6th visit to the Bristol Feeder Canal

With a fair bit of left over bait from Sunday it made sense to use it up fairly quickly (that's my excuse for going fishing) and head for this prolific little venue which just seems to get better and better as the weather improves.
The usual early start to get parked was necessary and on the way in the roads around Bristol seemed quieter than normal, I guess it was because of the Bank Holiday week. Feeder Rd which runs along the length of the Canal was less busy as well but the skies above Central Bay where I decided to fish were not.

I had my usual 2 top 4 1.5 grm rigs set up, one with a yellow top the other with a red. In addition I brought my 10 foot Puddle Chucker Feeder Rod to fish the bread into the bay for the first hour. My ground bait mix was much lighter today, just Sensas Lake and fine Black Crumb not mixed too wet as the tow was very slow toward the City Centre.
I cupped in 5 large balls down the loaded with a few pinkies, caster and hemp and began on the bread with a very small cage feeder. I did get a pull around early but did not connect, other than that it was just small knocks.
Going down the track with the pole at around 08:20 I was surprised I did not get a bite first time but after a few runs I cupped in a small ball and that was it, the bites came and had a roach of around 4 ozs for my first fish. I was doing well putting lots of fish in the net. At around 09:30 I hit what looked like a dace bite and the No.4 elastic came out at pace, a good skimmer was on and i took my time bringing it to the net, lovely jubbly. The next two put in's I am sure I bumped another couple (bit like last week). 
I upped my feed and better roach came on, I had roach up to 10 ozs. it must have been 11:15 fish when I had my second skimmer and slightly better than the first one, it put up a good fight and I had an audience behind me on the pavement (no pressure). It was safely netted and you could tell it was ready to spawn.
More roach and dace followed along with a perch of around 6 ozs an a big ruffe. 
At around 12:15 I heard a shout behind me '' hows the luck of the irish'' and turned to see an old colleague, Mike Endicott with his grand daughter. Mike came down along the path and sat with me until I packed up at around 13:15.
I pulled my net out for Mike to take some pictures and we bot agreed I had close to 20 lbs.

Here are the pics Mike took, not exactly David Bailey quality but gives you some idea of the the quality of the fishing at this much ignored venue.

Bristol City Docks Match on Thursday night, need to get a better light set up (job for tomorrow).


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