Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Sunday 19th April - Clevedon Club Match Paddock Lake Acorn Fisheries Kingston Seymour

On the Saturday prior to the match a few of us met up at our Lake (Paddock) to do some maintenance. I got there about 09:00 and Rob Fogg and John Sallis was already there sorting out the ride on lawnmower and strimmer. John was getting harnessed up and then off he went doing the edges. I swept the platforms and too over the strimmer later from John as his hands were playing up. John does not fish much these days so fair play to him for turning up.

John Sallis

Rob was in charge of the mowing or did he just want to practice for when he gets a mobility scooter later in life.

Rob Fogg, there is a similarity to Noddy!

A few others turned up, Pete Johnson, Bob Newton and Steve Bonwick. Steve and I painted the last bridge and by the time 13:00 came the Fishery was really tidy. Some work to do on a couple of platforms but will contract that out.

So... on to Sunday, match day. Draw was at 08:30 and we were meant to be fishing against a Bristol Club (BRM FC), I think they had 10 but wanted to fish on their own and not enter any pools so they were allocated 10 pegs in a row (30 - 40ish). Another small Bristol Club (Muller Rd Buses) had booked 10 pegs as well so they were given pegs 20 - 30 leaving the 17 Clevedon members booked in 1 - 20. This is the most I have seen on the 40 peg lake so would be interesting. Given all the above the draw was 15 mins late as Bev in the on-site cafe had a full house to cook for as the Frys Club were on the top lake. I had all the ping pong balls in a small rucksack and at the halfway point asked match secretary Adie Baker (who was not fishng today) to draw me a peg. Adie pulled out peg 6 which is not to be sniffed at, the peg has good form and a very short walk. I had never fished it before  but knew were to concentrate on. 

 Peg 6 my office for the day

For company on peg 7 I had Pete Johnson who had helped with the maintenance the previous day. Below Pete Mike Owens and Kev Perry were also on good pegs plus in form angler Nick Harvey was on island end peg 5 (another peg with form). 
The sun was out from time to time but there was a bitter cold easterly wind gusting at times. I only took pellet and paste with me. Plumbing up I had about 3 foot at 13 meters straight across towards the end of the bridge which met the island and exactly the same depth more or less the same distance at the other end of the bridge. I set up 2 identical rigs to fish banded pellet just in case one got smashed up saving time, no messing about 0.13 straight through to a 16 drennan wide gap carp hook. At 8 meters straight out in front I had about 5 foot and planned to fish soft pellet over micro. A paste rig was set up as well for the long lines. Fishing was to be 10:15 - 16:15. The money was well spread out with top 3, top silver and 3 sections.
On the all in I fed mixed micro and wetted 4mm over the two long lines and just micro at 8 meters. I started long straight across lifting and dropping an 8mm on the band and started to get a few indications. Carp were moving all over the place and it appeared they were getting ready to spawn. After five mins the float buried and I had a foul hooker on which I lost at the net. Back out again and before the float settled the end of the pole bent round and I was playing a pasty about 2lbs, properly hooked and was soon in the net, I had about 5 carp in the first hour straight across all the time feeding with the caty down to my left on the other long line. They were not big but I was content enough as I could see not much was being caught around me. I kept switching between 8mm and 6mm on the band. A look down to my left hand swim in the second hour produced a fish stright away followed by quite a few foul hookers which I did not land, very fustrating. I continued to swap between both long lines all day feeding about half a pint of micro via the kinder cup and about a pint of wetted 4mm via the caty. The 8 meter line was not fished and a few put in's with the paste had only small roach attack it. 
I was trying to keep a count of the weight as there is a 70lb net limit (I don't usually have this problem) and at about 14:30 thought I better use my silvers net for any further carp (it was empty and I could not see me catching any silvers anyway). just in case. At the all out I thought I must have around 70lb ish.
The scales started in my section on peg 9, Mike Owens was first to weigh and had 40lb 8oz in total including silvers of 1lb 8oz. Pete next to me had only a couple of carp and did not weigh. My estimate was almost on the nose and only 6oz out weighing 70lb 6oz.

Part of my 70lb odd

The scales went onto the 3 island pegs next, Nick on peg 5 also done well weighing 63lb 2oz.

My weight was enough on the day for 1st place.

Results as follows....

1st Ivan Currie (Maver Cadbury Angling) 70lb 6oz
2nd Nick Harvey (Sensas Thyers) 63lb 2oz
3rd Dave Stevenson (Clevedon) 42lb 7oz

Silivers Mike Chapman 4lb 9oz

A Section Mark Walsh (Clevedon) 18lb 3oz
B Section Kev Perry (Sensas Thyers) 36lb 8oz
C Section Mike Owens (Sensas Thyers) 42lb 8oz

The local Labrador had some fun at the end of the match with Nick throwing its toy into the lake.

To avoid getting wet I stepped back and fell over onto my backside not seeing a beagle behind me causing much amusement.

No fishing now for a couple of weekends, off to Norway on holiday.