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Sunday 12th April - Summerhayes Open

Following release from House Arrest after the Easter Weekend I was keen to get back on the bank. I was drawn to Summerhayes again despite a 60 pegger planned for the Saturday. I booked in for the Sunday Match on the Wednesday and at that point only 6 had booked in but was assured more were likely to book in later. The draw was to be at 09:45 with fishing 11:00 - 16:00, Sellicks was to be the lake but Lilly included if over 17 attended. I arrived at the venue around 09:20 and there was already a full car park and others still arriving as there was nothing else on around. I think the final total was 25 so Lilly would definetly be in. Speaking to Kev Perry in the car park he was keen to show me some a picture of some nice golden trout he caught down at Hawkridge Res best one at over 7lb. Like me Kev enjoys a bit of fluff chucking for a change so I must get back down there soon.

So .... on to the draw and it appeared most were hoping to avoid Lilly Lake. I have never seen it let alone fished it but anglers who had already drawn it were on a downer before they started. I drew Lilly, so did Kev and fellow blogger Jamie Rich. 8 pegs were put in on this lake and to be fair they were well spread out. Jamie did inform me there had been some big bream stocked in the lake recently and the numbers varied between 7 and 17 depending on who you asked. Jamie was a couple of pegs to my left and round a corner whilst Kev was on the other bank at 13:00, most anglers could see what would be going on. My peg (5) looked ok with some reeds to the left and they were twitching on a regular basis but I have been tempted here before and lost gear and became very fustrated. So the plan was margin to the left and two lines at 13 meters at 10:00 and 12:00 where the depth was pretty even and about 5 feet.

 Lilly peg 5 my Office for the day

On the all in I cupped in some meat and 4 mm pellet down on the margin in 2 places, some mirco on the 10:00 line and started on banded 6mm feeding hard 4's straight out in front. At this point the wind was blowing straight in my face and very strong at times making presentation difficult. I had a couple of dips but not resistance at all on the strike but I stuck at it for 40 mins or so as the angler to my right was fishing a waggler and managed a small carp. I kept the feed going in and was still continuing to get small dips. I had a similar top kit set up but with a straight no 16 drennan carp for fishing soft pellet so gave it a go still feeding hard 4's. Within 10 mins the float dipped and te no. 10 elastic came out but the fish did not race off, it soon became apparent it was a decent bream of about 4lbs, happy days. Another 20 mins or so passed and I had a slightly smaller sample. I think by this point Jamie had one as well along with a few bits. I decided to rest the line now and have a look in the margins with meat, again a couple of odd dips and then the float sailed away and the culprit snagged me, should have seen it coming. I lost the rig but set up again and had another look. With 10 mins I had a carp on but it was foul hooked and all I landed was a scale. I tried the 10 o'clock line for the first time around 2 o'clock I had been topping it up all day and was expecting to get a few fish after they gained some confidence but it just did not happen. Kev had started to put a few fish in the net mainly sticking to the banded pellet approach straight out in front of him, he had a couple of bream as well. The angler to my right was concentrating on his right hand margin and was also starting to put a few carp together.
I fed a new line short at 8 meters as I saw Jamie had a few silvers short including another bream and fished soft 4mm for the majority of the remaining 2 hours were I managed a few carp (small) and some bits. Although it was a difficult day in many respects and a poor draw I did get my head down and enjoyed it.
On Lilly the results were as follows by peg.

2    33lb 12oz
4    29lb 6oz
5    20lb 2oz    (me)
7    22lb 14oz  (Jamie)
8    21lb
10   DNW
12   33lb 8oz (Kev)
14   DNW

So not a awful let in it.

Jamie has the full results results on his blog http://againstmenandfish.blogspot.co.uk/ and as you will see Sellicks fished much much better and the winner also had the Golden Peg!
Team mate Dom Sullivan also had a good day coming 2nd so check his blog out as well http://caughtshortsullivan.blogspot.co.uk/

Next up is a working party on Acorn on Saturday followed my a Clevedon Club Match on the venue on Sunday.

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