Monday, 14 August 2017

Sunday 13th August - SW Super League Bristol Avon Newbridge

I am going to start this blog in reverse to the way I normally write it because.......

Our man Glenn Calvert won the match overall.
Glenn was allocated peg 3 in the little field above Newbridge the same peg that Captain Chris Hook had the previous week and the where 30lb plus of bream came from the week before that. Glenn does not fish many matches for us as he likes his comfort so is usually on the Commercials week in week out and does OK.
Glenn went to his peg full of advice as a few of us have drawn this area before and done very well.
He balled it in at the start with 10 big balls and starting catching roach immediately but the bites dried up after an hour and he had a lot of pike trouble landing two of them up to 6lbs - 8lbs, but they don't count. Not to worry though as he went on the Flat Float with worm after feeding a couple more hard balls and the float rose and sailed away first put in...5lb bream! He went on to catch a few skimmers bringing his total weigh up to 18lb 12oz which was enough to win the day on a difficult river.

Top man Glenn Calvert

Sensas Lobbys Andy Powell was second overall with 16lb 3oz, not sure what peg Andy was on but well done to him as he has been next to two anglers who framed recently so perseverance paid off.

Senses Nomads stalwart Rich Whitmarsh was third with 14lb 10oz, Rich was in the same section as Glenn.

On the Team front ...
1st  GBMV
2nd DGL
3rd PI Thatchers
4th Sensas Lobbys
5th Sensas 88
6th Maver Cadbury
7th Sensas Nomads

Our Team sheet was a bit of a disaster with 4 anglers in the bottom 2 in Section but Geoff Surman and Leigh Wakefield both had 5 points from 7 with Leigh just missing out on a Section pay out again by 3 ozs. Leigh had one bream and bits for 9lb plus but the bream were rolling between 48 and 50 refusing to get their heads down.

Leigh catch

As for me....I was on 22 behind the Pump House, nice peg but died after 40 minutes and I really, really struggled. All small fish and a 1lb skimmer for 6lb 12oz and last but one, enough said.

nice looking peg though

The rest of the Section was really tight and made up of small fish.

Well its the last match in the League next week then its off to Prague for a few days then the Arva International Festival in Ireland.

Back still playing up so got to get it sorted this week.

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