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Sunday 11th June - SW Super League Round 1, Gloucester Canal Sims to Pilot

Here we go again, doesn't time fly, this will be my third year fishing the SW Super League. Of course its the same faces (in the main) that fished the Spring League on the Gloucester Canal but 7 teams of  of 8 instead of 15 teams of 4.
In the week leading up to the match there was a fair bit of banter on Facebook as a result of Nigel Evans giving away one of his secrets ... opening a bag of sweets to get a bite..... a good bit of fun.

The trouble with teams of 8 is that most teams struggle to get 8 anglers to fish and we are no exception but we did have a full team. Perhaps teams of 6 would be better?

Team today.....
Chris Hook (capt)
Dave Hoskin
Phil Bendall
Mark Jones
Mark Traves
Ian Hingley
Dave Foxall
and me

We were looking for a good result today and had all the pegs noted which had produced over the last few matches on the stretch we were fishing today.
When Chris came back with the draw none of our pegs were on the list, in fact we were some way off any of the form pegs so knew we were up against it from the start.

I had peg 168 which was the first peg below Rea Bridge and as a boat was moored more or less on the number I had to move down a bit, not that it was a problem as everyone had two pegs between them. The peg looked inviting enough but I was well aware that it had no form, but....then again everyone fishes differently.

The wind was picking up while we were setting up so settled on an 11 metre line where it was just under top 4 deep and a 5 metre line at just under top 3 deep, both with 1.5 grm floats to 0.12 and a 18.
There was a gap under a far bank tree and this would be my feeder spot.

Pole lines were fed on the ''all in'' with 2 balls cupped in at 11 metres and 1 at 5 metres. I did not put any soil or leam in the mix due to it being fairly shallow compared to other parts of the canal.

As usual I started off on the tip like most people looking for an early wrap around but after 30 minutes it did not happen so went on the pole at 11 metres with 2 dead reds. After a few minutes and just as Mike Witney who was walking the bank for Sensas Nomads came past the float buried and a perch of around 3 ozs was swung in. Thats the dreaded blank out of the way I said to myself. Mike carried on and just as he got to the next peg and after putting the rig back in the float disappeared and a small skimmer of around 8 ozs was netted.
After 15 minutes nothing else came my way on that line so re-fed a small ball and tried the 5 metre line. Happy days a perch and a small roach in two put in's and then nothing so fed a small ball and back on the tip.

The good thing about my peg today was I couldn't see how the other anglers were doing.

I had a small knock on the tip which resulted in a sucked maggot so good indication there was fish about but the wind was getting stronger now and you needed to tighten up on the tip to be sure on bite indications.
About an hour and a half in the tip flew round and I connected with what seemed a decent fish, I was hoping for a bream but it turned out to be a hybrid about 12 ozs and most welcome all the same.

I continued to swap around all lines throughout the match and with more frequency than I usually do thanks to seeing what Nigel did last week. I did pick up fish on most lines now and then but couldn't present the bait properly due to the wind. Had it been calmer I would have done a lot better, there were definitely fish on the pole lines.

I ended up with 3lb dead, the two pegs below me weighed 1lb 7oz and 2lb then there was a 4lb. Section was won with 16lbs I think, Dave Clapton. I ended up with 3 points from a possible 7 so not great.

Back at the results it was clear a lot of anglers had struggled, two sections were won with 3lb plus.

Phil was 2nd in his section with 3lb plus so picked up and had 6 points.
Mark Jones done the best in the team weight wise off peg 235 with 12lb 15ozs and a 3rd in section, 5 points.

Mark with his catch

The rest of the team struggled, it was down to the draw and not the capability of the anglers.

Top weights.
1.  Luke ? P I Thatchers 35lb 7oz
2.  Tony Davis Sensas 88 17lb 6oz
3.  Dave Clapton Sensas 88 16lbs

1. Sensas 88
2. Sensas Lobbys
3. P I Thatchers
4. DGL
6. Maver Cadbury
7. Sensas Nomads

Next round is on the 2nd July, Bristol Avon, Swineford, Crane and Jack Whites but I cannot fish that weekend.

Tomorrow (Wed) thinking of heading up the Glos Canal again to fish either Purton or Splatt.

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