Monday, 21 March 2016

Sunday 20th March - A few hours on Chew

I had not planned anything in particular for Sunday as I had a late night on Saturday and also nominated driver. Waking up around 8.30 and looking at the weather I decided to go up to Chew Valley Lake again for a bit of fluff chucking. The weather was quite good when leaving home and little or no breeze. After a 20 minute drive I arrived at the Lodge and there was a stiff NE breeze across this big piece of water. The car park was fairly empty as well due to most of bank anglers heading up to the car park on the North Shore with their backs to the wind, you could see them all lined up like Stick Men.....not for me I thought and after getting my permit headed around the back of the Sailing Club to Whalley Bank.
The wind was not quite blowing into my face but from left to right so kind of cast at about 2 o'clock.
I had an orange blob on the point to attract fish and two droppers, each with red and black dawl bachs  on a 15' leader to a floating line.
I had to wade out a little for casting comfort and after 10 mins I could feel the affect of the cold breeze on my hands. I soon warmed up though after hitting an early pull about 4 rod lengths out and netted a decent rainbow. The breeze dropped slightly and I was able to cast pretty far in front of me and began a slow retrieve. I had only taken in about 10' of line via the figure 8 method when I got a pretty angry take and was soon playing a good Brownie. It put up a good scrap and I landed it after a few minutes.
Another angler came down with a young lad with special needs and informed me he would be casting and the young lad retrieving just in case I wondered what was going on. He saw my two fish and was encouraged. Within the hour I had another half tidy rainbow whereas the other angler and lad had not had a pull. I gave them a copy of the Dawl Bach I was using and much to the delight of the young lad they caught one on about the 6th cast...happy days.
I suppose about 30 minutes passed and I had another rainbow, this time on the orange blob. By this time my feet were freezing so headed up to fish off the bank by the Dam.  I fished up that end for about 40 minutes but not a sign of a fish so headed back down to the Sailing Club end for the final  90 minutes.This was a good choice as I hit another few fish and one of the limit, but not worried about that as I had a great day.

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