Monday, 7 March 2016

Saturday 5th March - Fluff Chucking on Barrow Tanks...... Sunday 6th March - River Kenn

Well that was a blast of a weekend (not).

Barrow Tanks just outside Bristol was stocked with Rainbows just over a week ago so decided I would give it a try for a few hours on Saturday. I had a dabble on No.3 for about 20 minutes but the fierce cold biting wind meant that I walked over to No.2 with the wind on my back. Shortly after arriving an angler had a nice rainbow of about 5lbs. Should be be OK methinks ..... think again..... did not have a pull at all. Over on No.1 there was a nice brownie caught at around 6lb - 7lb and duly returned. I suppose over the 3 lakes there were around 10 anglers but from what I could see only about 3 had fish and one each. Not good so cannot wait for Chew to open later this month.

I had already planned to fish the River Kenn on the Sunday and was looking forward to it despite struggling last week. The tides were spot on and meant the river would be flowing all day. I fancied above Kenn Rd as Chris Ford had a few fish on the Friday before falling and hurting his back. I did not take any bread but instead planned a caster and dark ground bait approach as the river was quite clear with caster or red maggot on the hook.
I stopped and had a look from Kenn Rd bridge and a couple of fish topped just immediately by the downstream side of the bridge.

The sky looked a bit troubled looking up toward the motorway but I decided on a peg about 100 meters upstream.

The peg looked OK but it took me about 40 minutes to get settled due to having to shore up my box with rocks to stop it disappearing into the mud.
It was a lovely trot down in about 3 feet of water but after 2 hours I felt I was flogging a dead horse.... not a touch or a sign of a fish so made the decision to move below Strode Rd about half a mile away. By the time I had packed up I was huffing and puffing a bit but within 30 minutes the car was reloaded and I headed down to Strode Rd.

Getting to the peg I picked was a bit of a chore as the trolley would not fit through the gate so had to dismantle and reload.... I ask you.

This peg was much cleaner having a firm bottom so a good opportunity to get te mud washed off. Not sure which number it was but about 5 down from Strode Rd bridge. I found that I had about 7 feet of water so was hopeful of a few fish..... wrong, not a touch for 2 hours so called it a day.
A weekend to forget.

I also heard Scott blanked up on Manmoor on the Saturday (behind the Equestrian Center).

We are due to have a match on the river this Sunday..... that should be interesting!

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