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Sunday 12th July - SW Super League (Match 2) River Huntspill

I missed the first match of the league due to being away on holiday which was also on the Huntspill and was looking forward to round 2. A lot of people moan about the venue but personally I like it. Yes it is usually won with a bag of bream and supported with a few decent backing weights and the rest of the field struggle mainly because they sit out for bream and pin all their hopes on the feeder lines, most end up disappointed and this match was no different. A float only match would be much fairer on this venue (depending on the conditions).
To be fair Team Captain Chris Hook did say try the tip for the first half hour to an hour and then come in on the pole, after all it is a Team Match.
I arrived at Laburnum House for the draw at 08:00, the rest of the Team were already there but on arrival the first person who spoke to me was Maver Lobby's Andy Richings, more of Andy further on.
After a bit of banter the draw was called and Chris went up for the Team (still have not worked out how they do this). I was allocated peg 80 on the South Bank above Woolavington bridge which I didn't mind although in the first match it did not fish that well.
The fishing was to be from 11:00 until 16:00 so plenty of time, the drive was straightforward, parking good and not too bad a walk to the peg with one gate as the access point.
The peg was towards the end of a wooded area and looked ok, no issues with casting due to the trees and there was a bit of colour in the water.

Peg 80 on the mighty Huntspill

I noticed there were quite a few small fish topping so set up a waggler rod a pole rig for 13 meters and 10 meters plus my two feeders from the ready rod bag, one the 13 foot Dutch Master for the far side the other my Drennan Pro for the middle. Bait was 2 pints caster, 1 of red maggot, 1/2 pinkie and 1/2 kilo of worm plus some red worms from compost heap and dead maggot and 2 kilos of GB.
Before the all in and after he had set up my next door neighbour Andy Richings on 79 came down and asked if I think we would catch. I said we would, again, more of Andy futher on.
On the all in I put 8 big feeder fulls in right across, 5 in the middle and cupped in 3 balls at 13 meters and 1 at 10 meters.
I started off with the middle feeder line and had a bite 2nd cast which I hit and it was a 2 oz roach and couple more casts and I was getting the odd twitch from small fish. Out on the Dutch master and I experienced the same, just twitches. After an hour the feeder rods were put behind me and I picked up the wag, I had been feeding casters while the tip rods had been out.
First cast and as the maggot reached the bottom the float buried and I had a 4 oz hybrid in a few successive casts I added some 2oz roach and blades but at least I was putting fish in the net. A look on the feeder lines produced nothing at intervals during the match so I stuck at the wag and pole adding small fish. At around 14:30 on the wag I came in a little closer and cast slightly downstream when the float went under, when I struck I half expected a little resistance but intead thought I caught the bottom and then in started to move slowly and then at speed. Thankfully I had an 0,11 hooklength and after some concerns turned the fish around eventually putting the net under a 3lb bream, happy days. Sadly that was the only one but knew it would be worth a few points.
When the all out was called Andy came down to my peg and said he was still shaking after loosing a 3lb plus bream at the net just seconds prior to the end but thought he had double figures, he fished the tip all of the match.
Andy Power from Thatchers was on the scales and came down our way after starting at the top of the section. 13lb odd was winning before Andy put 19lb plus in the scales with some nice skimmers, he would easily win the section.

Andy Richings Section Winner (old pic from last year on the Avon)

I had a look on the weight sheet and knew I would be 3rd in the section as most had struggled. The scales registered 7lb 7oz so happy with that and good Team points. I could have gambled and stuck it out on the feeder but what would have been the consequences?

Heres how the section fished.....

Team wise not good, Chris had an equal 2nd in section, Dom and Don both 4th and other blew out from what I could see, we finished up one from bottom on the day and remain in that position in the league.

Top weights
Gary Webber Thatchers 27lb 11oz
Andy Ottaway Thatchers 19lb 4oz
Andy Richings Lobbys 19lb 3oz

League as it stands is....
Diawa Gordon League
Preston Thatchers
Maver Lobbys
Garbolino Blackmore Vale
Maver Cadbury Angling
Sensas Cardiff Nomads

Next match is on the Gloucester Canal in 2 weeks time but a few of us fishing the practice match next week Hempstead to Pilot.

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