Friday, 27 March 2015

Sunday 22nd March - first outing on Chew Valley Lake

I was in two minds what to do, the river season was over, there was an open on the Clubs Paddock Lake on the Saturday but I couldn't fish it due to a Birthday Party and the Six Nations super Saturday was more important. I did think about Summerhayes open on the Sunday but did not get around to it.

The well earned lie in on the Sunday was well received and I decided to give Chew a try for the trout for the first time this year. No prep required as everything was in order from last October.

The short 20 minute drive saw me arrive at the Lodge around 09:45 and greeted by Paul Barnfield who is one of the Rangers on site. Paul gave me an update on what was being caught where, boats had been doing well catching on Orange Blobs, Dawl Bachs and Black Buzzers. I was going to fish from the bank and due to the breeze decided on Whally Bank near the Sailing Club. A floating line approach would be ok with a 15' leader as it is not that deep here.

I was soon set up and it took a few casts to get back into the swing of things. There was a huge amount of buzzers around on the surface (maybe too many) but it was quite cold so I was unsure whether or not the trout would be interested. I did see a couple rise way beyond my casting capability.

At around 11:00 and withing 20' of the bank I had a positive take (no need to strike). Initially there was a bit of a fight but it soon came to the net. Not a huge fish (around 2lb) but at least I had not blanked.

First trout of the year

There were no more than 3 boats out in front of me all day which is not a good sign either, they appeared to be concentrating on the south and west shores. I had another take at around 11:30 but failed to strike quick enough and that was all the action I saw up until I packed up aound 15:30.

I am booked into Summerhayes this coming Sunday so will be able to catch up with fellow blogger Jamie Rich, check out his blog if not already familiar, something for everyone

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