Saturday, 7 February 2015

Sunday 25th January Somerset League Teams of 4 - River Tone Taunton

This was my second call up for the Teams of 4 League and my second visit to the River Tone. I last fished it before Christmas when I managed second in section with just under 5 kilo's of mainly roach. The river was still quite high and running fast but at least it was clean. On the Saturday I dug out a couple of old 6BB and 7BB Topper Floats and set them up on winders to save time on the day, tied a few hooks and got 3 pints of maggots Cadbury Angling. Team mate Sam informed me the draw was at 8 a.m. in the Princess Royal Pub near the Cricket Ground in Taunton with breakfast available and meet up at 7.30. This meant me leaving at 6.30 and I got there about 7.25 ordered breakfast (bit steep at £6.75 but good) and waited for Don, Sam and James to arrive. Don was next to turn up, he order breakfast as well but when it came it looked more like an autopsy. He clearly did not enjoy it.
James and Sam arrived, they had looked at the river on the way down and had food in McDonalds. Report was the river looked spot on, happy days.
The draw was done and Sam came back with the Team pegs, I was on 27, I was on 28 last time and it was down by McDonalds near the M5 motorway. Did not get too excited by this as where 27 was last time the angler had a very short trott and only weighed 2 kilos. I made my way to the peg and was surprised to see it had been moved upstream giving a longer trott but down a steep bank so standing up for 5 hours would be the case. There was plenty of room as the 8 peg section was split into 2 lots of 4 anglers. When I was setting up and getting comfortable I noticed at eye level a rodent hole directly behind me so was hoping there would not be a big rat who had been well fed from McDonalds scraps.

Rodent hole!

There were 2 pegs above me but I couldn't see ther anglers until they came down for a chat before the 'all in', both were locals and informed me I was on a decent peg (heard that beforel). They both walked downstream to have a look at peg 28 which I couldn't see either, it was great to have so much room and no boats to contend with, there was a footpath behind me but not close to the bank, I was more or less down in the water so no concerns about pedestrians. The 2 guys came back up had a quick nose at what I had set up, 2 rods, one with a 6BB Crowquill Avon the other with a 4BB wire stem stick, after both bulks on each rod I had a No. 6, very simple and would give me full control on the pacey river.

A nice long trott

On the 'all in' I threw in a good handfull of maggot to the middle, waited a minute and then threw another few samples. A cast slightly downstream toward the far bank with the Crowquill, held it back until it got to the middle and began to control it, holding it back and letting it go, it was spot on. I suppose it travelled for about 30 meters before the float buried in the 4 foot of water, at first I thought it was a snag before the rod tip started to thud gently. In the fast water I played it safe and did not rush, my reward was a chub of around 2lb.

First fish
I continued to trot down the middle while feeding the nearside but it was a bit bollie. After another few trots I started to catch roach, decent ones at that and I had regualar bites and the odd fish bumped over the next 2 hours. A few looks down the inside brought some small grayling but they all count.

 First Grayling

During the second half of the match it was not hectic but I did net about 5 good chub, the most productive part of the swim was right at then end and I did loose a couple.

At the weigh in I had 10kg 700grms, 23lb 9oz in old money, the 8 peg section was won with 10kg 800grms but I was second and good team points. Sam and James done well in their sections and I was 4th overall and £60 in the wallet. As a team we came 2nd out of 8 on the day, 3 of us picked up coin.
I enjoyed the Tone and will be back asap.

 My bag on the day

Just come back from a weekend in N Ireland, no fishing but eyed up a couple of places to do some wild river trout fishing. Hopefully having a pleasure session on the River Kenn tomorrow (Sunday 8th Feb).

Well done to Ireland today in Rome.


  1. What a lovely days fishing, I need to fish the Tone more.....

    1. Yes Jamie, Somerset Rivers have been fishing well. In an earlier Somerset Teams of 4 match on the Kings Sedgemoor 30lb plus of roach won the match, tench were also caught. Think the Tone is a hidden gem.

  2. Good work Ivan, I've not fished that bit by Donald's. It's actually free fishing. Loads of them 2lb chub right through the town stretches of the Tone.

    1. Will be back Russell another venue for SW Bloggers Match?

  3. Nice one Ivan! Guess where I am going fishing in the week...TTTTTTone!

    1. Should be spot on Tim, nice easy walk by McDonalds, if you park in the road alongside McD go down the slipway to the path by the river, head downstream and you will see a Life Buoy, before this you will see a tree stump down the bank right on the water. This is were I fished. Good luck.

  4. Saw this too late! Went up in the town by lidls.