Sunday, 8 October 2017

Sunday 8th October - Angling Trust SW Winter League Round 2 Bristol Avon Newbridge

Due to my own Team not fishing the Winter League I joined the Sensas Nomads lads for this campaign as I did last year. I missed the first match last week though due to my own Club putting on a Charity Open.
All of the Team was from the english side of the Severn Bridge today.

5 Teams of 8 make up this League with matches being held on the Bristol Avon and Kennet and Avon Canal.
The draw was at the Crown Inn Keynsham and I found it to be a great venue with a good quality breakfast laid on.

Mark ''the Whippet'' Williams was captain today and drew the Team peg 1 which gave us the scales and I found myself on peg 42 at the end of the Newbridge straight. The river is in desperate need of rain and I think we all knew it would be rock hard.

I got to my peg and to say it was high off the water is an understatement. I had to put a small bank stick on the keep net and put it in a third the way down the bank just to get the bottom two rings in the water.

The flow was 13 metres out and just over top 4 deep. I set up a 2 gram float to a 15 hook. I choose this size hook because I would have to swing any fish to hand and because of the clear water perch would be the target later in the match. A 1 gram pencil float was also set up on the same line to run in through but with a 18 hook and a few inches off bottom.
A crow quill rod for fishing the middle and a Feeder completed the set up.

I put 9 big balls in at 13 metres on the ''all in'' and just 1 down the middle.

Starting off on the 2 gram rig I was into fish within 5 minutes and numerous small roach around 2 ounces were swung in. The river was very busy with rowing boats and they were all over the place due to new University Students being coached. You do need a lot of patience and theres no point in loosing your cool with them.

I bumped a few fish in a row which was frustrating as they felt a decent stamp. After about an hour a pike grabbed a fish but let go, it was a perch so shows how hungry they are. More pike trouble continued and I got bit off 3 times.

I had been spraying hemp and caster so tried the lighter rig and was back on the fish for a short spell before the bites dried up again.
I cupped in a big pot of neat chopped worm and with a dendra tail or head on the hook managed to snare a few perch now and then but they were not big.

A bank walker confirmed it was fishing hard.... really lol.

The crow quill didn't really work as the flow more or less stopped and a few chucks with the Feeder brought a couple of bleak and small roach.

I was pretty glad when the ''all out'' was shouted.

Tony Gilbert had the board so I walked down to him in order to weigh in. Tony also had a nightmare with pike and lost skimmers in a huge snag which he managed to pull out ..... a big branch of a tree.

Heres how the Section weighed, Matt Challenger had a nice net of fish and a bonus perch for over 9lb.

Geoff had a nice net of roach for 6lb plus and would have done better had his No. 7 section not snapped.

Matt Challenger won the Section.

So a 3rd in Section for me and not a disaster.

I made my way back to the Crown and met up with the others. Most had reported in and Mark was collating the scores. It didn't look bad at all with a total of 28 points.

2 Section wins as well Jeff Sibley and Paul Elms.

The Crown provided doorstep bread and butter plus sausages, chips and beans while we were waiting for the results.

Results as follows...... it was a bit noisy so weights there or there abouts.

Sections were won with the following weights....

A 11lbs
B 8lbs
C 5lbs
D 9lb 3oz
E 4lb 13oz
F 13lb 11oz
G 12lb 7oz
H 7lb 6oz

Top 3 Individuals
1st  Warren Bates Mossella Bathampton 13lb 11oz
2nd  Paul Elms Sensas Nomads 12lb 7oz
3rd  Mark Harper P I Thatchers 11lb

Teams on the day
1st Mossella Bathampton 31 points
2nd Sensas Nomads 28 points
3rd PI Thatchers 25 points
4th Die Hards 23 points
5th M & N Elect 13 points

League overall after 2 rounds
1st Mossella Bathampton 3 points
2nd P I Thatchers 4 points
3rd Sensas Nomads 5 points
4th Die Hards 8 points
5th M & N Elect 10 points

So a great result for us today and 4 rounds still to go.

Back on the Avon next week for the 3rd Round of the Commercial House League with my Maver Team.

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