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Sunday 30th July - Clevedon Club Match Durleigh Reservoir

With no league match on this weekend I decided to support my Clubs Match on Durleigh Reservoir.

Durleigh Reservoir is just outside the town of Bridgwater (postcode TA5 2AW) and is 80 acres in size.
For those of you thinking of fishing it here is a link to paste giving you all the info you need. ( no keep nets for pleasure fishing).

17 booked in so we were all pegged along the Lodge Bank. There has been a few matches on it lately with some really good weights made up of roach, hybrids, perch and decent bream. The last match was won by England Carp Team Captain Mark Bartlett with 36 bream for over 100lb.

I had fished it in the week and had 6 good bream along with some big roach on 8mm banded pellet on the pellet feeder. The water has a lot of big carp and the other fish have got used to the pellet and high protein bait going in.
The Reservoir is a lot shallower up the top end making the draw an all important factor. I thought if I draw a peg at the shallow end I would fish the pole / whip for roach.

On the morning of the match I was driving through a local village and killed a pigeon that flew into the van. Didn't like that and felt bad (not as much as the pigeon though). I thought to myself ''thats me doomed''.
Driving the down the M5 the temperature gauge was reading 11 degrees around Clevedon and towards Bridgwater it went up to 13.
Arrived at the Reservoir around 08:00 and saw there were a few who joined the Club just to fish the match (£20 to join the Club and £20 to fish) but no worries good for the Club.
Into the draw box and the draw gods paid me back for the earlier incident as I drew peg 4 right up the shallow end.

The mighty Durleigh my peg was bottom right just past 2nd lot of trees.

I walked up the bank with Rob Fogg who had Peg 3 passing the fancied lawn area were Sensas 88 angler Chris Parr was pegged. Up our end was roach slayer Steve Kedge on Peg 1, Andy Law Peg 2. Below us and the other side of the trees was Sensas 88 anglers Paul Purchase and Mark Bromsgrove (no mugs here then).

Well the plan of fishing the pole / whip went out the window. Why I do not know and instead set up 2 Feeder Rods. 13' 8'' dutch master for fishing a 45 gram hybrid feeder at 60 turns and my trusty drennan pro feeder for fishing the window feeder at around 45 turns. Both filled with micro hemp and dead reds mixed with fishmeal and a banded wafter or pellet at the hook end. How did fishing for bream end up like this?
I had traditional bream baits in the bag but thats were they stayed.
I think that the big weights taken on the previous match and Rob just setting up a feeder rod influenced me.
I started off on the window feeder with banded pellet and got a couple of early knocks but no proper pull arounds. Rob was casting a fair old way and his method feeder landed with a proper thud probably sparking out a few roach on the way down. Despite this he had the first fish after about 40 minutes on a red wafter. I followed suit n the hybrid feeder and had my first fish after about 30 minutes but Rob had also added another.
We could hear the guys to our right having some banter and could tell Chris Parr was having a great day on the bream.
We shared information during the long wait for a bite and had the odd fish in turn, big skimmers or baby bream around 2lbs.
A couple of bank walkers with around and hour and a half to go said most were struggling.
Towards the end Rob had a late run of 3 or 4 fish ending up with 9 to my 5. 

Rob ended up with just over 20lb to my 11lb.

Robs catch, well done mate.

Chris Parr done the business and ended up with around 30 bream for 63lb plus caught on open ended feeder chop and caster!
Mark Bromsgrove 2 pegs below me had a great day on the whip for 37lb odd and second place.

Here are the weigh sheets....

Great performance from Match Secretary Adie Bakers son Josh with 17lb of small fish.

Josh with his catch.

Super League Practice Match on the Bristol Avon at Newbridge next Sunday followed by the last two matches on the same venue.

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