Monday, 10 April 2017

Sunday 9th April - Gloucester Canal Practice Match, Hempstead.

Maver Cadbury Angling are fishing the Teams of 4 Spring League again on the Gloucester Canal commencing Easter Sunday 16th April. I made contact with Diawa Gordon Leagues Mark Treasure in the week to see if there was a practice match on the Sunday before. Mark text me back to say that Lobby's Andy Jane was running one and passed me his details to book in. Only Team Captain Chris Hook and I were available to fish it though.
The draw was at McDonalds Bristol Rd which was nice and handy to the pegs. 25 were booked in and I think everyone turned up and early at that so the draw was carried out 15 minutes early. The money was well spread out with a Section worth £70 which is very fair and reflects the mood of the venue.
I was near the end of the que and when it came to my turn pulled out 62 below the new swing bridge at the end of the new cut. Chris was up on 13, the top end of Hempstead which can be very hard.
I knew exactly where my peg was, it had some good recent form but I had fished a few pegs either side of it before beating anglers on 60, 61, 62, 64, 65 and 66.

The peg is at the bottom of the new part of the canal were is was straightened out, the old cut where the famous bend is was directly opposite me and pegs 60, 61 and 63. I would have preferred 63 as it is an easier cast to the far bank cover and I won my section there with 9lbs plus last year. For me I had too much water in front of me.
On the all in I put in 10 big balls by hand on the 5 meter line where it was top 5 deep. My mix was pro natural and black lake laced with chopped worm, caster hemp and squat.
I left this line and started off on the bread feeder with double 7mm punch on a wide gap 18. I cast just over halfway which would have put me at the bottom of the old shelf. I had a couple of casts before my first bite which I missed. Another few bites materialised over the next 30 minutes, they were only small knocks and I should have hit them earlier than I did. 
With nothing to show after an hour and a quarter I had a look on my pole line. Absolutely motionless and after 15 minutes or so I was back on the feeder this time with with chop and caster and worm on the hook. As I went on this line the local angler on 61 had a decent bream on the tip, the angler on 64 also had a bream.
I did have a couple of knocks but very very small indications that did not produce a proper bite.
Back on the pole line for a look and to my amazement the float went under and resulted in a nice 10 oz roach but nothing else.
Going back on the tip with worm I had a cracking bite just as a boat went over the top of my line preventing me to strike upwards and I did not connect with the fish.
That was my match.
Peg 64 won the Section with 9lbs odd. Peg 65 had 1 lb plus, 63 blanked, 60 had 2 bream, 59 had 1 bream, 58 blanked. So... pretty tough.
Spoke to Chris on the phone while packing up he had lost 3 bream on the pole and caught a few blades for a couple of pound, his section was won with a single bream.
Back at the car and speaking to Andy Richings who had 13 lbs of peg 50 said there was a 16 lbs of peg 40 and Andy Jane had 13 lb 2 oz so It would appear that was the top 3.
Still looking forward to next Sundays match with 16 Teams of 4 and Team Meeting this week should improve our approach (hopefully).

Fishing the Bristol Feeder Canal tomorrow (Tuesday), Good Friday Match on Acorn Fishery as its local and no traffic to worry about.

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