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Sunday 18th October - Clevedon Club Match Brick Lake the Sedges Fishery

I made the decision quite early in the week to fish this match as there was nothing else on in the form of a river match. I have only been to the venue once and that was last year and on Brick Lake which we were fishing today. I drew Peg 9 last year and came 3rd with 103lb mainly on the pole but that was in the spring. Lance Tucker was next door to me then on 10 and he beat me by about 10lb and came second. Kev Perry won that match with around 145lb catching on pellet on the straight lead.

Kev had received a text from Match Secretary Adie Baker asking him to run the match as he was still busy after only just moving house. 13 had booked in and fair play they all turned up including another new member (from Surrey Kerry Pickering who was staying with relations down this way). Between Kev and Denise the fishery owner the pegging was sorted and draw organised. I was 3rd last to draw and out comes peg 9 so happy with that and wondered if it would be a repeat performance. I had end peg 10 in the corner to my left and was hoping it had been left out but new member Kerry turned up on it while I was sorting myself out, still plenty of room.

The blue arrow shows my peg.

Two pegs to my right was Dave Stevenson and next to Dave was Kev. Opposite me in the top right hand corner was Nick Harvey and directly opposite me across the lake was silvers basher Andy Devereux (prob spelt his name wrong again). I could see almost everyone except the anglers on my bank below Kev so would be able to judge how the match was going. I had planned to fish mini popped up bollies but not allowed at the fishery so bread would be the replacement. Due to me winning a recent match on the bread at Trinity a lot of the guys brought it today or were asking for a few slices from others. Two top kits set up today, both for banded pellet and both exactly the same for fishing at 13 meters where it was about 7 feet deep at 10:00 and 14:00. The 14:00 line fed with groundbait with dead red, hemp and micro the other line just 6mm and 4mm wetted pellet. The margins were too riskly due to the overhanging vegitation and looked too dangerous. Finally the straight lead for fishing bread or pellet.

The 'all in' was called at 10:15 so fed the two pole lines and went straight out on the bread up to the floating pipe that goes down the middle. There were a lot of fish topping and I could see a could went out on the waggler. I was expecting the tip to bang around fairly quickly but after 25 minutes it didn't!
Looking around no one was catching and just as I looked down again the rod was coming off the top of the keep net which I was using as a rest. I didn't land it as it snapped the hooklength just before the net and it was a right lump. Back out on the bread and not a touch after 20 minutes so changed to banded 11mm and no sooner had it settled when the tip went around in a slow but positive way and it was fish on. It was a good fish as well at around 10lb. I had a couple more smaller ones up until around 12:00 but it was not exactly action packed but then there was still not a lot being caught from what I could see. Gave the bread a try again for a change and a carp of around 6lb took it on the drop, this time I landed it. A quiet spell of around 20 minutes saw me go back on the pellet, all the time I was feeding both pole lines but no fizz to be seen.
It wasn't fast and furious but I was putting fish in the net up until around 14:45 when it went very quiet so tried the pole lines for 20 minutes and only manged a small skimmer so decided to see the match out on the lead. Paul Nicholls on the far bank was getting a few fish on the pole towards the end including one of 18lb plus!! Mark Bromsgrove below him was also getting a few.

The all out was called at 16:15 and Kev done the honours of weighing. I had 72lb 8oz which was top weight on my bank. The weights were better opposite with a couple of 60lb pluses. Mark Bromsgrove did well and put 90lb on the scales, immediately below him on end corner peg was Lance Tucker who had 72lb 12oz.
So I had 3rd place again. Top Silvers went to Andy Devereux by default.

Results as follows:

1st   Mark Bromsgrove Sensas Thyers 90lb 8oz
2nd  Lance Tucker Sensa Thyers 72lb 12oz.... check them scales please
3rd   Ivan Currie Maver Cadbury Angling 72lb 8oz

Andy Devereux Clevedon 9lb 4oz

Weight sheet...

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