Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Sunday 27th September - Clevedon Club Match Woodlands Lake Trinity Waters

I was in two minds whether or not to fish this event but halfway through the week sent Match Secretary Adie Baker a text to confirm my attendance. Woodlands is a decent sized venue and a pretty fair one at that with  a good head of silvers as well as the carp, pole, waggler and straight lead all work as well. The weather on the Saturday was glorious and another good day was forecast for the Sunday. Clear skies on the Saturday night meant it would be cold over night and the early part of the Sunday morning. With this in mind I put in some bread to fish 'popped up' style. I had read a report a few weeks ago were an angler done very well on the method even though it would normally be a winter tactic.
Got to the draw in plenty of time just behind Club Chairman Steve Bonwick who was running the match today in Adie's absence with the help of Club Secretary Barry Fowler. 15 were booked in and it was good to see some old faces and a couple of new members as well. The draw was pretty civilised and no diving in or pushing (think they were still in shock over the Wales v England game).

I pulled out Peg 27 which I was happy with as I believed it had form. It was also nice to see the new Peg Cards provided by Cadbury Angling.
For company I had Nick Harvey on 26, 28 was vacant and on 29 was SensasThyers Captain Lance Tucker. I decided to keep it simple to day with a pole line at 14 meters with banded pellet on the deck and another banded pellet rig for both margins. A shallow waggler rig and a straight lead rod were quickly assembled from the ready rod bag. The only bait I had was pellets and a 70p small white loaf.
On the all in I fed the two margins with micros and wetted 6mm and then went straight out on the popped up bread in the middle of the lake feeding 6mm with the catty on the 14 meter line while waiting for the tip to go round (I hope). Lance started off on the waggler shallow and had an early carp, Nick next door also started on the straight lead as did a few others around the lake. After 30 mins I could not see that anyone had caought except and those on the straight lead went on the pole. It was not looking good even though there were a few fish showing on the surface. I continued to feed pellets on the 14 meter line and pinged a few 8mm in the middle of the lake every few minutes over the lead line. I suppose it was about 45 mins before the tip went around and a 3lb common was netted. Another 20 mins passed before it went around again cloely followed by another. At this point in the match I still could not see anything being caught. Nick asked if I was catching on the bread and I confirmed I was. Lance came down for a walk which indicates how hard it was. I decided to stick it out on the bread and continued to put the odd fish in the net over the whole day. I did try the pole and wag breifly without success. On the all out I felt I had done enough to frame at least.

Barry Fowler was first to weigh and put some quality carp together for 40lb of an early corner peg.

Rich Heatley had a run of fish late for 45lb 10oz

New member Matt Roden went into the lead with 49lb from the bottom corner peg

There were a few lower weights over the next few pegs and then it was me, all carp on the bread for 72lb 6oz

Lance or Nick did not weigh, on the peg after Lance was new member Mike Pickering with a personal best perch.

Mike with his nice perch

Fellow Royal Mail colleague Paul Fairs was last to weigh in from corner peg 33 which he did not fancy but caught some right munters of the pole and pellet for 69lb 10oz

Results as follows....

1st      Ivan (the bread) Currie 72lb 6oz
2nd     Paul Faires 69lb 10oz
3rd     Matt Roden 49lb

Andy Deavereax    11lb of nice skimmers

Weigh sheet

Another club match next Sunday at Avalon