Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Sunday 28th December - Clevedon Boxing Day Pairs Acorn Paddock Lake

24 Booked in for this popular match with most people glad to get out of the house after Christmas. For the first time the match was open to anyone and attendance on the day was made up of 14 Clevedon members and a mix of SW Over 55's and the odd one from here and there.
Based on the lake form from the week before it was expected to be hard especially with a hard frost and a bright sky.

A cold and clear Paddock Lake at 08:30

After a bit of faffing around the pegs were sorted, ping pong ball 6 had a dent in it so was taken out and replaced by 2, 2 being the new 6! Some registered their draw some did not, I checked and was paired up with John Page, John drew 37 and I was on 18, not a good draw. Last weeks Christmas winner Mark Walsh was to my left on peg 21 (another bridge peg!) and Mike Owens was immediately to my right on 19. I had plenty of room but it did not matter in the end.

Partner John Page setting up across on peg 37

I started off on the bread punch across just off the far shelf and had a couple of dips but no take, Mike next to me had a foul hooker first put in but it didn't stay on. After 20 mins still searching with the bread across I had a carp on but the way the float slid away I knew it was foul hooked needless to say it was only a brief bit of excitment. Looking around not much was happening, Simon Ryell on 15 was also not doing any good but he did keep warm after getting some pussy.

Simon and his furry friend

I could see Club Chairman Steve Bonwick getting a few fish up on peg 12 and Mark Walsh and Mike Chapman had some either side of the bridge other than that it was very very slow.
I took a small skimmer from the middle (foul hooked) for 10oz, Mike next to me had a perch for 9oz, Simon and the cat had 2 carp for 3lb 8oz, Mark on the bridge peg had 13lb 4oz.

Walking round watch part of the weigh in I got this pic of Dave Stephenson with his catch of 30lb plus.

Dave Stephenson 33lb 8oz

There were two weigh boards, one was all over the place so did not hang around for them to be sorted out as John and I had no chance, John weighed 11lb 14oz. Match Secretary Adie Baker sent me the results.

1st Nick Harvey and Martin Alexander 64lb 2oz
2nd Dave Stephenson and Geoff Stone 46lb 11oz
3rd Brian Slipper and Steve Bonwick 41lb

Next up for me is the 5th Round of the Commercial House League this coming Sunday on the K & A Canal at Bath.


  1. good read mate have a good 2015. plenty of net fulls

  2. happy NY Gary look forward to reading your posts, love the humour